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We develop and implement industrial engineering, telecommunications and air conditioning systems that provide our customers with efficient, energy-saving solutions, all in a sustainable and socially responsible context.


We aim to be national market leaders, providing our customers with quality services and energy solutions that enable our collaborators and clients to be more energy efficient, saving them money.


We are passionate about our customers, and satisfying them is our goal.

Teamwork: people at the service of people.

Responsibility and commitment: We say what we do, and do what we say.

Continuous innovation and improvement: we want to offer our customers the best solution, every time.

MEG’s main objective has always been “customer satisfaction”. We know that quality is essential to success.

Everything we do to achieve all our objectives is defined in the Quality Manual and supplementary documentation, which comprise a quality system in the meaning of the standard.

Here at MEG, we are aware that we are part of a society that gives us a lot. That is why we give back part of what we receive.

  • We care about the environment (resource management and recycling)
  • We care about the community around us. (Fulfil needs without damaging the environment)
  • We want our employees to be happy at work. (We carry out training activities for our workers)

MEG has always watched over its employees’ health and safety. Our main objective in the occupational risk prevention area is to:

“Raise our workers’ occupational health and safety levels”.

We have implemented an occupational risk prevention system in compliance with the specific requirements of OHSAS 18001 and 18000 Occupational Health and Safety to improve health and safety for all our employees.

All the company’s staff must be involved in compliance with quality requirements. A commitment to our surroundings is also essential.

MEG has developed an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard.


MEG (MONTAJES ELÉCTRICOS GARCÍA S.L.) was founded at the end of the eighties by the Garcia brothers. It is a still a family business, and new generations of the Garcia family have joined.

MEG is an expert installations and services company whose hallmarks are humility and honesty. The company has expanded to become an important sector benchmark at a national level. MEG is aware of the importance of human capital, and has an energetic 150-strong workforce to provide you with energy solutions.


All our operators are provided with the mandatory occupational preventive and safety equipment that enables them to do their work correctly with good results. They receive continuous training and preventive safety courses. On-site workers are provided with the specific materials and equipment they need to carry out and check the quality of existing installations.


Low voltage
Medium voltage


Public lighting
Decorative lighting
Energy efficiency and energy saving


Cabling routing
Audio visual systems
Data processing centre
Presence centres



Photovoltaic solar panels


Air conditioning

Centralised management systems

At meg – montegar, we are interested in professionals like you. If you are a good fit, please send us your CV.

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  • Phone: + 34 976 433 211
  • info@montegar.es


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